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by Kesha on Neo Mag Light
Great Experience

Got my product a little over a week ago and I came her to say that I am SO HAPPY that I finally purchased this. I had been debating and researching it for over a year, and finally committed to buying it. It took about 10-12 days to arrive.I have to say that I am Extrermly happy with the AWESOME customer service that I have received, while I was waiting on the product, once I got my product, and any questions or concerns that I had after receiving! They have steadily communicated with me on ANY question I have had. If you want communication, I recommend messaging them on Facebook, I think they are harder to reach if you email them.As for the product: I have had it for 8 days and I do have to say that I believe I am seeing results. I have extreme patience for this process and I want it to work. With the blisters that are forming and going away, the ink underneath appears much darker and closer to the surface. So I believe after many treatments, that this process is and will work!! So excited.

by Taylor on Neo Mag Light


by Mike on Neo Mag Light
Finding the right settings

I purchased from you guys on eBay and went to work immediately, I started at 4.0 and was comfortable, I worked about a 1/4 of the tattoo at that setting and cranked it up to 4.8 on the larger 2nd 1/4 of the first half treated.
The pain was intense in burst. The 4.0 treated area blistered very small and went away with no peeling, the 4.8 was a 3rd degree burn that blistered and ended up removing the skin with the ink in it. I am still healing but the areas that I treated are completely ink free. I will send photos once my skin is healed.

by Matt on Neo Mag Light
I can see some fading

this product is taking off my tattoo so far from what i see. it has only been 2 weeks but im hoping it works.

by Tasha on Neo Mag Light
Product does work

I have seen results in the first 2 treatments. I am satisfied with the way things are going and have told my friends! thanks

by Jess on Neo Mag Light
Great product!

This company has a great product and great customer service. Thank you for taking care of my questions and upgrading me. I have been using 2 other designs and recently upgraded to the new one. It works great just like the others. 😉

by terrence on Neo Mag Light

Ive been researching this device for the past 2 months and will finally make my purchase on 12/15 im actually very excited about this device and what it can do . Thanks for such an innovative product that works and is affordable for everyday people such as myself.

by Mark on Neo Mag Light
Well into 3 treatments

The product is working, although it is slow going. I am pleased with the results seeing as I paid under $200 bucks for it. I told a few friends about it as well and they will post a review soon.

by Johnny on Neo Mag Light
Product is working

I am so pleased with the way things are going. I have done 4 treatments over the past 5 months and have gotten almost full removal of my x girlfriends name. I went to a laser clinic and they said it would be $1700 dollars to remove, now I can show them this and say HAHA!

by Holly on Neo Mag Light
Amazing Product

I have been using the Ink Vaporizor for over a year now and have successfully removed 3 tattoos. One on my neck and two on my fingers. I am so great-full for this product.

Thank you.


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