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by Jess on Neo Mag Light
Great product!

This company has a great product and great customer service. Thank you for taking care of my questions and upgrading me. I have been using 2 other designs and recently upgraded to the new one. It works great just like the others. 😉

by terrence on Neo Mag Light

Ive been researching this device for the past 2 months and will finally make my purchase on 12/15 im actually very excited about this device and what it can do . Thanks for such an innovative product that works and is affordable for everyday people such as myself.

by Mark on Neo Mag Light
Well into 3 treatments

The product is working, although it is slow going. I am pleased with the results seeing as I paid under $200 bucks for it. I told a few friends about it as well and they will post a review soon.

by Johnny on Neo Mag Light
Product is working

I am so pleased with the way things are going. I have done 4 treatments over the past 5 months and have gotten almost full removal of my x girlfriends name. I went to a laser clinic and they said it would be $1700 dollars to remove, now I can show them this and say HAHA!

by Holly on Neo Mag Light
Amazing Product

I have been using the Ink Vaporizor for over a year now and have successfully removed 3 tattoos. One on my neck and two on my fingers. I am so great-full for this product.

Thank you.


by Anna on Neo Mag Light
I am seeing some removal

Hello, I am using your ink vaporizor and have started seeing my tattoo fade in spots I treated. I have been blistering myself from the treatments. It hurts but that is pretty understandable. I wanted to say thank you for making this product and selling it at such an affordable price. You are helping a lot of people and you should be acknowledged.Anna T.

by Tim on Neo Mag Light
Might take a while

Hey just wanted to write in and let you guys know that I am having some success. It seems like it will take much longer than you suggested when I purchased but I guess that may just be because of my tattoo. It was professionally done about 2 years ago in all black. Some little spots are visiable were I did the treatment. Hope it continues to work.


by Josh H. on Neo Mag Light
Thank you!

I honestly couldn't believe the results I got. I had to come here and leave a review. Must be perfect ink type or some kind of miracle because it only took 2 treatments to completely remove a few letters. Thank you very much for making this product. I told all my friends!Sincerely,Josh Hernandez

by Lorrie on Neo Mag Light
Didn't work for me

I tried it but it didn't work. I got my money back. Worth a shot I guess.

by JJ on Neo Mag Light
It Works

It takes time, and practice with different techniques, but yeah, it actually works. The ink goes away completely and new white skin is revealed, with no scarring (at least with my skin type). I am very happy with this. It beats the alternative of expensive scarring laser removal.

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