*New Design* Neo Mag Ink Vaporizer

This affordable device zaps tattoo ink & acne with intense light & a Patent Pending Neodymium Magnetized tip. The Xenon bulb sends heat beneath the surface of the skin to...

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Neo Ink Vac Kit With Ex Eraser *NEW PATENT PENDING*

Try our proven methods of tattoo removal / extraction. Our Ink Vac System combines 4 proven methods of tattoo fading / removal.  This system does not use a laser or Intense...

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New Design. Amazing Results! “Neo Ink Vaporizer”

Our Ink Vaporizer With Improved Bulb and a Rechargeable Batteries. $59.99 Free Shipping

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How It Works

With Neo Mag Light there is less trauma to the skin. Only 21 days is needed between the tattoo removal treatments. Neo Mag Light tattoo removal lightens your tattoo in 30 days or your Money Back.

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Read our FAQ section for your questions about NeoMagLight products as well as some relevant facts about the IPL process & Tattoo removal at home with Neo Mag Light. We are always interested in hearing from you.

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Using Neo Mag Light Correctly Is less Traumatic To The Skin Than Getting A Tattoo Or Traditional Laser Tattoo Removal. Please Follow Directions And Take Care Of Your Skin After Treatments.

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100% Genuine Reviews

Working like a charm

WOW!!! Amazing!!! absolutely amazing! Received the item WAYY before my arrival time would DEFINITELY recommend this product!!


This thing really does work.

This is Rocket Science. Good Work Man. I cant believe the results.


K. Sanderson

K. Sanderson

Outstanding Product! I noticed a fading right away. Great job!

2nd treatment

So I’m on my second treatment and my tattoo has faded about 45%. It is just a couple of small stars but its working great.


Well done!

It’s working great for me! Purchased one on Amazon a couple of weeks ago (couldn’t find it on Ebay) and it’s awesome! Not hard to use at all. Big props to the guy who invented this.


Review from the UK

Hey man, your IPL works a ton better than I imagined it would… almost instant results on home made stuff and visible fading on others…