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Neo Mag Tattoo Removal Before and After

Individual results may vary.  Tattoo removal takes time. Our device is a great alternative to traditional laser tattoo removal but is not for everyone.  Research Halogen Tattoo Removal to educate yourself on the process.  Common sense and basic burn after care is needed for great results.


Tattoo Removal Before and After | From Home?

Now you can solve your problems with removing your tattoo’s from home with the Neo Mag Ex-Eraser IPL.     Please educate yourself on the ” Halogen tattoo removal ” process before purchasing.   Scarring, lightening and darkening of the treatment are possible with all types of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Before and After | Easy or Not?

Having a tattoo removed can be a lengthy and expensive process. Tattoos are meant to be permanent.  When the tattoo is put on there are permanent changes done to the skin. Think of how the tattoo is applied.  Removing a tattoo without any scarring or skin texture changes is impossible.   There will always be some evidence of a previous tattoo. Please be realistic with your tattoo removal expectations.  Research all tattoo removal methods and risks before purchasing any tattoo removal product.

Please keep in mind that tattoo removal takes time and it will not happen over night.   All our devices are non ablated.  The treatments don’t break the surface of the skin.  Blistering is common with halogen tattoo removal.  Common sense and basic burn aftercare is needed to have great results.   Always follow directions and aftercare instructions. Read our policies page before purchasing for full details.


Ex-Eraser Before And After (1 Treatment After 21 Days)

ex eraser Before and After








45 Days After A Treatment.

45 Days After A Treatment.

Ex-Eraser Freckle Before And After (1 Treatment After 21 Days)

Freckel before and after



Elite Before And After (1 Treatment After 27 Days Later. Unaltered Images)

The size of this tattoo is not recommended for our device but this represents what type of fading can be seen after just 1 treatment. Please note that the after care is very important to the process.  Antibiotic and anti scar cream is recommended for all light based tattoo removal processes.

Neo Mag Tattoo Removal